OtCV – The Dark Edition

I believe in the goodness of humanity. I really do. I really don't believe that whatever happened between the first humans and their creator caused a rift so devastating that humanity could be called totally depraved. As a Jesus follower and a lover of scripture, I find that to be a heinous theology and a... Continue Reading →


OtCV (Off the Cuff Vulnerability)

2 I've been thinking all day about what to write as a second instalment to OtCV. I really have no idea if this will be an ongoing thing; I usually reserve my vulnerability for my journals. I have two. A "get the poison out of my brain" journal because I sometimes have really bad visceral... Continue Reading →

Blood and Clay

We are clay in image made. Androgynous some may say Female-male; male-female made. Then binaried. Then broken. Because of a lie that was spoken. Bound and rebound by blood and broken clay, and by water pouring onto dirt that violent day. Blood, water, dirt. Female-male; male-female, earth. Unbinaried. Unbroken.

Empty Lines

I have no words to say I trust you; my emotions are blank underlines in the monologue I'm having with me. I've toyed with angry and bewildered; sad and numb and disapproving; none fit so snugly as the emptiness itself. I've wondered if love takes away the sting that being surprised can bring? And then... Continue Reading →

The Consideration of Hope

Hope is dangerous. It requires risk and vulnerability. It requires opening the locks that hold closed doors that have hidden treasure and beauty and dreams. Locks that have secured doors closed because, at one time or another, the danger of hope and risk was realized. Hope isn't the key. Hope isn't the door. Hope is... Continue Reading →

A Moment called Risk

These streets are crowded, feet walking to and fro, across walks white on asphalt, never really pausing, too busy to halt. This bench is empty save for me, waiting for you. Risking precious minutes for just a moment to be briefly open. The air is thick with doubt and hope; cynicism, a thin cloud that... Continue Reading →

Watching the Parade

I have worked in the area of social justice, in some capacity, for 21 years. This year, I shrugged off those clothes, cut that cord from my identity, allowed all of the scales to fall away, and shed the not-logic of the quarrelling crowd. In 21 years of advocacy, being an ally, working for balance,... Continue Reading →

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