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I've been on a contemplative pilgrimage since the beginning of July. Part of that has been to simply sit in silence, waiting on the presence of God to be made manifest in the space where I meditate. Or not. Sometimes I just sit and wait. And wait. And learn to wait some more. I'm okay... Continue Reading →



Today I'm tired, I want to cut my claws, close my jaws, still my roar. Still I roar, at the weary, for the story - I can do nothing more. Wanting to do more, I only sit. Ignore the shit; wait for the transcendent. Waiting for the transcendent, breath in breath out. All I want... Continue Reading →

Heaven Can Wait

The welcoming of that other refuses the violence of invasion except that it requires revelation to see that what makes the world Can’t break into the world Because who made the world never left the world. We just split matter and spirit like it never mattered And told a story about a blood thirsty god... Continue Reading →

Welcoming Darkness

In the silence I find a touch of balance when life makes no sense for weeks at a time. In the stillness I see but a glimpse of light when the path seems not so straight across this long stretching plateau. And in the darkness I find the treasure called Welcome when I need a... Continue Reading →


The drum used to echo Mother's heart when I would hear its rhythms day or night. I couldn't dance or sit or make a beat though you invited others like me, night or day. Though we would sweat and smudge something about me was never enough, night and day. I no longer smudge or sweat,... Continue Reading →

Trading in Kingdoms

We got wet and walked a narrow path, or so we told those who came after and after and after again. We imagined that we’d been set free from sin, because when you close your eyes, all things disappear. We read a book and proclaimed the most high god, or so we told ourselves while... Continue Reading →

Dear Richard, It's been five years on. Now five years gone. In one way but not all the way. Your words and laughter still echo in the hearts and minds here in the land of the living. Maybe some will ponder. At least one will dance. I imagine that many will raise a glass. To... Continue Reading →

Her Touch Leaves Me Holy

I don’t worship her like they may think. I don’t venerate her like they may want to see; I don’t even follow the footsteps of her feet, even though her touch leaves me feeling holy. She walked into my life over beer and a song, eyes glittering with smiles and laughter. From henceforth and thereafter,... Continue Reading →

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